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Introducing DevOps Hero

People, Process and Tooling for Your Enterprise



Welcome to DevOps Hero – where we tackle the tough stuff your organisation faces head-on. We're all about helping you navigate the Cloud, sort out business and tech hurdles, and crank up the speed of change.

DevOps isn't just about pipelines and automation. It's about finding a smarter way of working that suits your style and gets you to your business goals.

We're here to fine-tune practices, tweak processes, and upgrade tools so your team can rock what they do. Because, let's be real, tech is cool, but it's the people who crack the code on problem-solving.

Curious to see what DevOps Hero can do for you? Drop us a line below, and let's chat about making things happen for your crew.

Our Services

Our Consulting engagements centre around 3 main areas. 

Enabling Business Value

People, Process and Tooling. Whether you're using Cloud or you're embarking on a new project.  Let us support your goals as we guide you through DevOps best practices to meet your needs.

Increasing your velocity of change. 

Ensuring Security, Stability and Reliability

Review your current release pipelines, processes and tooling to ensure your cloud platforms and applications are stable, secure, and reliable.

Keeping you secure and highly available. 

Providing Hardcore Delivery 

We code as well. Custom features, projects or native apps. High-quality infrastructure-as-code, using technologies such as AWS, ECS, Fargate, Kubernetes, Docker and Ansible. 



DevOps Hero

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